High Speed Dyeing Machine


Type of Fibres
Polyester, microfibre, polyamide (nylon), etc.

Type of Fabrics
Light weight fabrics such as wovens, warp knitted fabrics, taffeta, etc.
For a fabric weight less than 120 g/m, the rope length of the processed fabric is limited to 1000 m. For heavier fabric, two tubes loading are available: 165 kg/tube and 220 kg/tube
For the pre-treatment, dyeing and after-treatment of fabrics in rope form, either tubular or open width
General Description and Main Features
The ECO-88 is designed for high speed processing. Textile material sensitive to crease marks can be processed with an excellent result. The front end of the machine is at a slope higher then at the rear end, allowing textile material to move gently to the front. Reversing nozzles are moving the fabric backwards during entangling. The design of the forward nozzle is designed to prevent air pockets forming in the low permeable textile material ensuring a continuous smooth fabric circulation. The high fabric speed allows even shades and crease free appear on the fabric.  

  • High fabric speed up to 600 m/min
  • Fast bath turnover rate
  • Long kier for smooth fabric movement
  • Spacious storage chamber for open fabric spreading
  • Sloped kier helps smooth fabric movement
  • Upward sloped front kier supports take-up of fabric rope

Product Information