Laboratory Package Dyeing Machine



1 - 6 packages per single kier; up to 24 packages in multi-kier machine. Capacity depends on the weight of processed material.


For the pre-treatment, dyeing and after treatment of packages, bobbins, loose fibres, muffs, tops, tapes, etc.

General Description and Main Features

The LABWIN laboratory package dyeing machine is a must for every package dyeing plant. It has the same functional features like the industrial size machine. Its liquor ratio and flow rate is is in line with the bulk production package dyeing machine. ILC Intelligent Leveling Control function enhances shade levelness through the package. The process data developed on the LABWIN can be applied to an industrial scale with very little adjustment. Therefore, any improvement in the production process can be simulated on the LABWIN machine before starting the industrial production.


  • Versatility in capacity
  • Versatility in coupling
  • Consistent in liquor ratio with Fong's ALLWIN package dyeing machine
  • Optimum flow rate
  • Direct application of recipe developed
  • Airpad technology
  • Reduced loading possible
  • DP controller

Product Information