Washing mechanics at SINTENSA

Every wet finishing process contains washing. No wonder, that this part of the production chain is gaining a vast importance, as water savings can be achieved easily- providing that the right modules are used.

The SINTENSA (sin- without; tensa- tension) washing principle is the only washing principle available which actively forces the washing liquor through the fabric. Irrespective of the running speed of the machine. A rotor inside the washing drum causes a constant washing mechanic, which may be adjusted individually according to the product requirements. Multiple drives make sure that the fabric glides through the different modules with the lowest tension possible, whilst the long contact times on the surface of the washing drum and plenty of opening devices make sure that the fabric stays open during the entire process. Power sprays with continuous filters support the washing activity by transporting the contamination away from the fabric as soon as they have been taken out of the fabric. On top of that the design of the troughs is shaped according to the washing drums in order to save water and to increase the washing mechanics during this phase of the washing process as well.

The result: gentle yet effective washing results with the lowest water content in the market.


With the famous “SINTENSA” washing drum there is no match in the market to combine gentle fabric guiding as well as powerful washing mechanics.
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