Swimming roller at ECONOMICA

The Swimming Roller was invented by Eduard Kuesters in 1956. Ever since it serves the textile, nonwoven and paper industries like no other module. Quality and reproducibility are the main attributes that come along with this technology.

An even nip irrespective of the pressure applied on the padder created a versatile and reliable, yet effordable dyeing machine for the cotton industry. The deflection control of the Swimming Roll makes sure that the pick up from side to side of the open width fabric is perfectly even. With this achievement, a clearly defined and even pick up can achieved, which makes the Swimming Roll a perfect module for the so called “Cold Pad Batch” process. At this technology the dyestuff is applied onto the fabric by means of a padder and then dwells at room temperature for 12 to 24 hours (depending on the dyestuff). But also for any Pad Dry or Pad Steam process the Swimming Roll is a must.

GOLLER utilizes this technology for the ECONOMICA padder, which can be used for all the padding processes in your production. Safe, reproducible and economical.


The Dye Padder from Goller
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