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A Chinese name with German roots: Their headquarters in Schwäbisch Hall is the living proof of a successful globalization. Traditional European brands such as GOLLER , THEN or XORELLA joint together with the best name in Asian textile machinery: FONG'S.
The THEN-ARFLOW® series, the TEC models from FONG'S or the GOLLER SINTENSA concept are best of class in saving water and energy. Above all, we also provide individual systems for effluent treatment. With this setup our customers can be rest assured to have a share in a better and healthier future.
Above all, they also provide individual systems for effluent treatment. With this setup their customers can be rest assured to have a share in a better and healthier future.


THEN stands for advanced dyeing technology enabling a quick, economic and environment-friendly operation.
The German manufacturer also provides complete dyehouse network solutions designed for outstanding performance.
Highest standards in quality and reliability have established the spotless reputation of the traditional brand, which was founded 1919 by Rudolf Then. Still today, we satisfy the highest demands of the industry with the best available technology for water saving and reproducibility.



Established in Switzerland 1967, XORELLA is specialized in the design and manufacturing of steam setting and conditioning equipment for yarns and fabrics.
Still today Swiss engineering is the solid foundation to achieve "first choice" status in the field of vacuum steam treatment.
XORELLA delivers excellent service, quality products and continuous innovations, setting standards in a demanding market. The latest technology combines sustainable ecology through lowest energy and water consumption,
with the unique indirect finishing treatment to meet lowest process cost and highest quality requirements. XORELLA Portfolio includes: XO-Smart, XO-Select (Cylinder / Cubical), XO-MINI, XO-DPX, XO- Components and XO-Applications.

Goller Sintensa Plus

Sintensa Plus represents the recent benchmark for gentle and low tension processing regardless of the fabric used in the processing. According to Roland Adrion, since its introduction, Sintensa stands for low tension, crease free and fibre preserving continuous treatment for all kind of goods, the Plus is reflecting the extra mile in this field of application. Consequently, this machine consumes far less water, energy and chemicals than before, contributing actively to savings in terms of resources as well as money.
Load cells react far more sensitive towards differences in tension, allowing the operator to process most delicate fabrics with the lowest linear tension possible. From knitted goods to technical textiles: the Sintensa Plus always is the right choice, explains Roland Adrion.
The management of chemicals is based on the Multi-data System. The combination of flow meter and computerized dosing provides a high degree of automation, leading to savings in chemicals, higher quality and safer work environment.
The Sintensa Plus produces top quality and supports ambitious textile solutions. In this context, Goller machines are just one brick of Fong's unique "One Stop" strategy, providing complete solutions to their customers with only one supplier, one agent and one contact. The company offers leading brands of both the continuous as well as the discontinuous processing in the range of pre-treatment, dyeing and after- treatment portfolio also includes machines like Then-Airflow Synergy G2, Then Lotus, Fong's novel TEC series, the ALLWIN yarn dyeing machines or the Xorella XO Smart series. It goes without saying that the focus of all these machines is set on "green innovations": Products, which are not only saving valuable resources like water and energy, they also provide a huge potential to save money with short setup times and improved washing techniques. Moreover, customers now can gain a wide knowledge and vast information of the entire production chain in the field of wet processing

Sintensa Plus

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