XORELLA Components

XORELLA Components

Today’s modern textile markets demand most ecological and logistically flexible machine solutions to assure competitivity and enviroment friendly production of textile goods.

Cooling water recycling:

90% of the water needed for the vacuum pumps can be recycled. XORELLA® offers a vast knowledge designing customized water recycling solutions.

Water free Vacuum system:

XORELLA® as the World’s leading manufacturer of high quality yarn conditioning equipment has especially developed a water free vacuum system featuring the XO-Ecopac to meet today’s environmental conscience.

XORELLA® Ecopac Smart
XORELLA® Ecopac Select

Material handling:

XORELLA® offers a wide variety of manual and semi automatic loading platforms designs as well as fully automated and customizable material flow solutions to assure an easy integration of the XORELLA® textile conditioning equipment into the already existing logistics.


Some textile goods are very sensitive for condensate spots. The XO-Preheating-System is the perfect solution for a condensate free steam treatments for all water sensitive textiles.

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