FONG'S Piece Drying BSD

Best Shrinkage Dryer (Finishing)

FONG'S Piece Dyeing BSD

Type of Fibres
Cotton, polyester/cotton, polyamide (nylon), ramie, wool, linen etc.

Type of Fabrics
Wovens, knitted goods in open width or tubular

Drying capacity: 190 - 1300 kg/hr

For the drying of open width or tubular fabrics in relaxed and tension free conditions

General description and main features
The fabric is fed on to the mesh type conveyor belt with a certain degree of overfeed. The conveyor carries the fabric into the drying chamber. Hot air blows from the top and bottom rows of nozzles, which are offset to each other. The fabric forms a wave pattern when air blows on it. The hot air evaporates the water in the fabric. A small portion of the vapour is exhausted out from the machine. A humidity controller monitors the humidity in the exhaust air to ensure an energy efficient system. Either steam or thermal oil can be used as the indirect heating medium whereas LPG or town gas can be used as a direct heating medium for the drying process. A pyrometer is installed in the outlet to monitor the fabric temperature to ensure no excessive drying and energy is effectively utilized. Dried fabric is normally plaited into a loading trolley.

If open width fabrics are fed into the machine it is spread open by scroll rollers. Tubular fabrics are stretched open in its tubular form by a free stretching device. Two or more ropes of tubular fabrics can be dried in parallel.

Fabric releases tension during drying
Fabric travels in a tension free, wavy pattern
User friendly control console for setting machine parameters
Cleaning filter without stopping the machine
Integrated centrifugal blower with motor
Exhaust air humidity is monitored to ensure energy efficiency
Steam or thermal oil as indirect heating medium
LPG gas or town gas as direct heating medium
Several tubular fabric can be dried in parallel

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FONG'S Piece Drying BSD