Type of Fibres
Polyester, polyamide (nylon), etc.
Type of Fabrics
Light to medium weight fabrics such as wovens, taffeta, warp knitted fabrics, etc.
Depending on machine model,
For fabric weight < 120 g/m, capacity: 1800 – 12000m.
For fabric weight > 120 g/m, capacity: 200 – 1600 kg

For the dyeing of light to medium weight fabric in rope form, either tubular or open width.
Particularly suitable for fabric sensitive to temperature and formation of crease marks.

General Description and Main Features
Two ropes of fabric can be processed in a single kier at the same time.
Precise control of fabric movement at high speed, up to 600 m/min
Large amount of circulating liquor to compliment high fabric speed
Low lifting height to reduce fabric tension
Long kier allows full relax of fabric
LN nozzle promotes smooth circulation of fabric
HydroSki supporting system allows steady and smooth circulation of fabric
CU spraying system cleanses fabric surface and maintains even temperature distribution inside kier

Increased capacity to process light weight fabric as two ropes of fabric can be processed in a single kier
High fabric speed ensures even shades and prevents crease marks formation
Minimum fabric tension, suitable for stress sensitive fabric
Gentle and smooth flow of fabrics ensures good fabric finish and quality
Constant cleansing of fabric surface makes fabric clean, even distribution of temperature reduces crease marks

Product Information

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FONG'S Piece Dyeing ECO-88D