FONG'S Allfit


Type of Fibre

Cotton, cotton/man-made fibre blends, man-made fibres


Type of Fabrics

Woven and knitted



5 kg /tube ~ 120 kg /tube for single tube machine and from 40kg /batch ~ 480 kg /batch for multi-tube machine



For the pre-treatment, dyeing and after-treatment of fabric in rope form, either tubular or open width


General Description and Main Features

Wet parts are constructed in stainless steel

Process in high temperature or atmospheric condition is possible

Various batch capacity for selection from 5 kg up to 480 kg

Can be used for the development of recipe for bulk production

Fast fabric speed and fabric turn over rate



Can be used for production of small lot for sample approval

Liquor ratio is almost the same as bulk production machine

Same recipe can be applied with almost no adjustment needed

Product Information

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FONG'S Allfit